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When light strikes the Best Cornea Specialist in Delhi, it refracts the incoming light onto the lens which subsequently refocuses that light onto the retina that enables the translation of light into vision. The normal corneal surface is smooth and aspheric, which means it is round in the centre, flattening towards its outer edges. Therefore, as light rays pass through cornea, it moves in an undistorted manner to the retina to project a clear image to the brain. But, in patients with Keratoconus, a bilateral ocular disorder, the cornea becomes rounded-cone-shaped due to progressive thinning of the cornea, and its surface becomes irregular. Because of this abnormal curvature, the cornea’s refractive power gets affected which results into moderate to severe distortion (astigmatism) and blurriness (nearsightedness) of vision.

Keratoconus, which usually affects both eyes may cause swelling and scarring of the tissue that leads to permanent loss of vision in a few cases. But, in most cases, it can cause partial loss of vision or visual distortion.

Keratoconus, derived from Greek word “kerato” for cornea and “conus” for cone, classically has its onset at puberty and is progressive until the third or fourth decade of life when it usually arrests.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Keratoconus can be detected clinically by Slit Lamp Examination and the diagnosis can be confirmed by Corneal Topography. Hitech eye centre  Computer Vision Syndrome in Delhi boast of a coveted team of top surgeons who are the best cornea specialists in Delhi for Corneal Treatments and Transplantation Surgery.

In advance cases, Keratoconus can be corrected surgically by Collagen Cross Linking, which is a new modality of treatment that aims to arrest progression of Keratoconus and has a higher success rate.

Cornea Transplant in Delhi

Treatment of Opaque Cornea or Corneal Blindness is possible only through Cornea Transplant. In this treatment, a healthy cornea is transplanted in place of a diseased cornea either entirely through penetrating keratoplasty or in part (lamellar keratoplasty). We pride ourselves in being among the best Corneal Transplant Hospital in India.

However, for a cornea transplantation, corneas have to be harvested only through eye donation.