Dr. Nipin Garg MBBS, MS (Ophth.) Senior Eye Surgeon Cataract (Phaco. Microphaco), Glaucoma Surgery & Refractive Surgery

Visiting Consultant

Dr. Manish Kumar MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Senior Oculoplastic Surgeon

SAT- 3.oo PM to 4.00 PM

Retina Unit

Dr. Naginder Vashisth MBBS, MD (Ophth)

Sr. Retina Surgeon

TUE/FRI- 1.00PM to 2.00PM

Dr. Vanuli Bajpai MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Sr.Consultant Retina Specialist

SAT-10.00 AM to1.00 PM

Pediatric Ophthalmology Unit

Dr. Anoop Bhasin MBBS, MD (Ophth)

Senior Pediatric Eye Surgeon & Squint Specialist

WED/SAT- 4.30 PM to 5.30 PM

Cornea Unit

Dr. Sameer Kaushal MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Senior Consultant Cornea Surgeon

THU 3.00 PM to 4 PM

Dr. Manju Bansal MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Sr. Consultant & Eye Surgeon

MON- SAT 5.00 PM to 7 PM

Honorary Consultants Eye Surgeon

Dr. Ravi Garg MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr. Rakesh Kapoor MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr. Rohit Pahwa MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr.Urmila Kashyap MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr. Priya Dua MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr. K.R.Kuldeep MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Dr. I.K.Gujral MBBS, MS (Ophth)

Anesthetist on call

DR. Mamta Khatri MBBS, MS (Anesthesia)

Consultant Physician on call

Dr. R.S.Saluja MBBS,MS (Medicine)