Eyelid Surgery in Delhi


Ptosis is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid, a condition that may affect one or both eyes. Ptosis may be mild – in which the lid partially covers the pupil; or severe – when lid completely covers the pupil. It can affect both children and adults, although it is usually associated with ageing.

Ptosis can occur at any age. When present since birth it is called Congenital Ptosis and when present in the elderly it is called Acquired Ptosis.


The most common reason for Congenital Ptosis is improper development of the levator muscle, the major muscle responsible for elevating the upper eyelid. While in adults (acquired) Ptosis is generally caused due to weakening of the levator muscle. It could also be caused due to some injury to the eye muscle, diabetes, eye tumour, and neurological disorder, etc.

Treatment for Ptosis

Ptosis is treated surgically, with the specific operation based on the severity of the Ptosis and the strength of the levator muscle. In case of Congenital Ptosis, surgery is generally performed and is advisable when the child is between 3-5 years old. While Acquired Ptosis correction surgery can be done according to the need of the patient.

The Eyelid Surgery, also called Blepharoplasty, can often leave your eyelids asymmetrical post surgery. In some cases, the eyelids may lose their movement too. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a surgeon who is experienced in handling this surgery.

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Congenital Ptosis in children requires immediate surgical attention as it may lead to other eye diseases or disorders like Amblyopia, poor vision, etc.