Astigmatism and Toric IOL

Toric IOL (Intraocular Lens) are lenses used for the reduction of Astigmatism. This exclusive IOL can maximise surgical results by treating pre existing Astigmatism during Cataract Eye Surgery. Approximately 20 percent of patients who need Cataract Surgery have a clinically significant degree of pre existing Astigmatism.
At Hitech eye centre we not only offer comprehensive Intraocular Lens Implant in Delhi, but also a thorough examination and analysis of your eyes to determine the best treatment combination possible.
Cataract occurs in the elderly people and tends to develop as the age increases. Basically a cataract is opacity in the natural lens of the eye, which normally is seen with age. The normal lens in the human eye is transparent and allows light to reach the retina. When it becomes opaque (cataract) it does not permit light to reach the retina and therefore, the patient experiences foggy/cloudy vision.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common condition that may cause blurred vision. This distorted vision is due to the eye’s cornea or lens having an irregular shape which is recognised as Corneal Astigmatism and Lenticular Astigmatism, respectively.


The normal cornea and lens of a perfectly shaped eye have a smooth circular surface, like a ball. But in patients with Astigmatism, the cornea or the lens will have more of an oblong, oval egg like shape which causes irregular and blurred image formation.

Because of this irregular oval shape, the cornea focuses image in blurred form on the retina and this may require correction.
Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that does not always require corrective lenses. Up to 30 percent people have some degree of Astigmatism. However, a minor level Astigmatism is considered normal and requires no correction. Even if a person needed Cataract Surgery and had a minor degree of Astigmatism, a Toric IOL would probably not be necessary.

When treatment for Astigmatism Required?

Blurred or distorted vision is typically experienced by patients with moderate or high degrees of Astigmatism. Each patient may have unique altered oval curvature at different angles and may even vary from one eye to another eye and may require a different mode of correction treatment.

These patients can correct the vision problem through the use of contact lenses or corrective eyeglasses or even through refractive surgery like Lasik or ICL. Patients with blurred vision need to meet with an ophthalmologist immediately to have a comprehensive eye examination.

Background of Astigmatism Eye Surgery

For the past decade or so, Ophthalmic Surgeons have tried several methods to correct pre-existing Astigmatism during Cataract Eye Surgery, including making incisions into the cornea to alter the shape of the eye. Now with the help of the unique design of Toric IOL, Astigmatism can be reduced or corrected without further surgical intervention. Like other intraocular lenses, the Toric IOL restores focus to the eye when the natural lens or Cataract is removed. But it is one step ahead of its predecessors in the sense that it is also designed to correct pre existing Astigmatism using the same technology that has been successfully used in contact lenses.

Astigmatism and Cataract Surgery?

Astigmatic patients with Cataracts can request the use of Toric IOLs during their lens replacement surgery. Use of a Toric IOL for Implant after a Cataract removal reduces dependency on distance glasses along with very high quality vision in such patients. Sharp Sight Centres offer a complete range of solutions for such patients. Toric IOL is ideal for Cataract patients with regular, pre-existing Astigmatism.

Hitech eye centre also offer TORIC IOL even in Multifocal IOL range, these lenses are used for reducing dependence on both for near and distance vision after Cataract Surgery.

The Toric IOL is designed for Cataract patients with 1.25 to 4 dioptres of regular pre-existing Astigmatism. The toric IOL which are tried and tested over time have been implanted worldwide. These lenses are placed in the eye at a particular angle where the irregularity or Ovality exists.

Outcome of Cataract Eye Surgery with Pre-Existing Astigmatism

A randomized, prospective, controlled clinical study conducted has demonstrated that the implantation of the Toric IOL is associated with clinically significant reduction in Astigmatism as compared to implantation of a non-toric IOL during Cataract Eye Surgery for Astigmatic patients. The various visual images that the patient may see depend upon horizontal or vertical Astigmatism. Review the images below to view the difference.
If you are an Astigmatic Cataract patient, the Toric IOL may be the right intraocular choice for you. The Toric IOL has the capability to provide freedom from corrective lenses after Cataract Surgery.

The Toric IOL: May be the single best option for correcting Cataracts and Astigmatism

The surgery to remove Cataracts is an outpatient procedure, and involves replacing the clouded natural lens with an artificial one. However, if you also have Astigmatism you may still experience blurred or distorted vision, since the lens typically implanted during ordinary Cataract Surgery cannot correct this secondary condition. The lenses are decided specifically for each patient respectively depending on their Astigmatism and the degree or angle of irregularity. These lenses are then implanted inside the eye at the required angle of corneal irregularity.


Astigmatic patients who are planning Cataract Surgery can request the use of a Toric IOL during their lens replacement thus treating the Cataract and the Astigmatism simultaneously. The Toric IOL has been proven an ideal companion for Cataract patients with regular, pre-existing Astigmatism. It has been used safely and effectively in a countless number of procedures.

What makes the Toric IOL such a good choice?

If you are suffering from Cataract and pre-existing Astigmatism as well then, the Toric IOL is a revolutionary choice for you. It is a single-piece foldable lens that your surgeon implants in your eye during Cataract surgery which has been specially designed to correct Astigmatism as well as to help you regain quality vision and achieve reasonable spectacle independence for distance work. The lens is made of a stable, non-toxic and flexible material the human eye comfortably welcomes.

Studies show that TORIC lens provides greater optical performance and higher quality vision than standard IOL or lenses with fewer “aberrations” – distortions in vision that lead to blurring, glare or halos. This exclusive property of the Toric IOL makes it possible for your surgeon to eliminate or reduce Astigmatism during Cataract Eye Surgery and recapture your quality of vision quite simply in the safest manner possible.

Open your eyes to quality vision today

The Toric IOL may be the single best solution for providing quality vision to patients with Cataracts and Astigmatism. It is approved by the FDA for its effectiveness, safety and reliability for correcting prexisting Astigmatism. If you have a Cataract, ask your Doctor if the Toric IOL can also help you eliminate your Astigmatism thus allowing you to recapture quality vision – and a hassle-free, spontaneous lifestyle.